Helping the community: Why topics matter!

As I’ve said many times, ShowMe is more than a tool to help you create great lessons. We’re a community for learning and collaborating and we would be nothing without your help! Every time you vote or follow a great teacher, you’re making sure our community grows and keeps on getting better. Thanks!

For a while now, with the help of ShowMe Ambassadors and some other awesome people, we’ve been undertaking a topic tagging project. Every time a ShowMe is uploaded with out a tag, we watch it and add it to a category. If a ShowMe is uploaded with only one topic tag, for example “Chemistry” we’ll add a super topic (Science) and a sub-topic (Molar Mass). Having these tags helps community members find exactly what they’re looking for and it also helps us find the best ShowMes to feature in every subject! Every week we have more and more ShowMes uploaded and as a result, we’re going to rely on the community for assistance in making sure everything organized.

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Where we need your help: If you watch a top-notch ShowMe and you notice it doesn’t have a topic to live in, please add it by clicking the + Add Topic link in the top left corner above the video player. As you start typing, topics will appear and you can select the appropriate one from the list. When you create your ShowMes and upload them to the World, don’t forget to add topics!

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  • Sean Spence

    Hi, I’m using showmes for business clients, so my topics are not educational but my own subjects. However, I seem only to be able to add 2 topics if non-standard. Is this a defined limit? Or could you add some business topics such as careers, strategy, finance etc?
    Clients like them, they fit my expository style & I’m getting more confident just doing them without too much editing (ie fussing around!).