ShowMe Community Guidelines

Below are some of the principles and rules to help make ShowMe an ever-improving learning community. This is a living document, with we hope to refine as we get feedback from you, the users. Please feel free to send suggestions/comments/questions to info [at]!

Make ShowMe a resource for people looking to learn.

ShowMe is only as strong as the quality of lessons that our users upload. The best lessons are informative, accurate, and engaging. A touch of humor and passion adds flair that will make them more enjoyable and "sticky."

Use accurate titles, tags, and descriptions.

We want the best lessons front and center. Good titles, tags, and descriptions make it more likely that they will be discovered by the community and voted up.

Get involved with the community.

ShowMe isn’t just about creating your own lessons. A big part of ShowMe is giving feedback on others’. If you like a ShowMe, “vote it up”!

We don’t restrict length, but try to be succinct.

There are no time restrictions on ShowMes. We want people to create the highest quality lessons possible on a subject. Don’t feel constrained, but take into account that the more concise your lesson, the more effective and engaging it will be.

Use ShowMe as an audio-visual tool, not one or the other.

If you’re diagramming something, talk your audience through your drawing. If you’re speaking, figure a way to incorporate ShowMes drawing or image tools. The best ShowMes combine great verbal narration with rich visuals.

Keep it clean.

We want ShowMe to be a learning resource open to anyone, kids and adults alike. It goes without saying that there shouldn’t be any profanity or adult subject matter in any ShowMe. Violent subject material, hate speech, or obscenity is not tolerated.

ShowMe is multi-lingual.

ShowMe is language-agnostic. Help us take ShowMe global!

Any other questions?

You can always reach us at If you have a concern that isn’t addressed above, let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.